Warranty Policies

Satisfaction guarantee

If the delivered product does not meet the quality expectations of our customers, the buyer must report within a maximum period of 12 hours after delivery, the non-conformity of the service via email, chat, whatsapp or telephone. Please note that to file a claim we will request photographs in which the delivered product can be clearly observed, in order to determine the cause or reason that has generated this event and to provide an answer to solve the problem. Subsequently, if these meet the requirements and if the product has any irregularity regarding the quality from the time of manufacture, we will proceed to replace the product.

Performance guarantee

We guarantee the delivery of the order on the requested date. Deliveries are made «During the Day». This is provided that all delivery information is correct and a person is available to receive it at the requested address.

Confidentiality guarantee

All personal data provided are for the exclusive use of La Bouqueta and is only used for the provision of the service. Our system does not store information regarding electronic payments, our database only stores information regarding the delivery data of the order and this is handled confidentially for the security of our customers.

Time required for our deliveries

We deliver the same day you request your order as long as it is requested before 15:00 hours – 3:00pm (Local Time), deliveries are made «During the Day» selected, we do not handle schedules or specific ranges of delivery. In high seasons such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or Love and Friendship Day we recommend you to make the purchase 1 day in advance so that it will not present setbacks.

Additional products

Additional products such as balloons, stuffed animals, chocolates, wines and liquors are NOT sold separately, these products are only part of the floral arrangements.


The elements that make up the floral design such as bases, ornaments, boxes, wines, chocolates, balloons, stuffed animals, flowers, foliage and colors, may differ in the product shown, and these are subject to any changes required according to availability in the city of delivery, however we do our best to please our customers even in the smallest details.

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